Extended Account Analysis (XAA)   

Account Analysis is an itemization of transactions/products used, and the fees associated with these transactions/products. It takes into consideration the balances that a client maintains with Valley, applies an earnings credit rate to those balances and uses the earnings credit allowance to reduce the fees the client pays for transactions and products they use.

Business Banking clients will not receive earnings credits but will receive a number of free basic transactions depending on their account type (Business Banking Checking or Business Checking Plus).






How do I know whether my business account is considered a Small Business, Business Banking or Commercial/Corporate business account? 

You will be able to see the type of account you are enrolled in on your deposit statement.  Small Businesses will see an account name of Small Business Checking, Women in Business Checking or Non-Profit Organization Checking Business Banking clients will see an account name of Business Banking Checking or Business Checking Plus Commercial and Corporate clients will see an account name of Business Analysis Checking 


How can I access our XAA statement? 

You will be able to access your XAA statements via Online Banking. 


How will I know how much I’m being charged? 

Business Banking, Commercial and Corporate clients will be able to see their full Account Analysis statement by logging into Online Banking. Your Account Analysis statement will show volumes for all transactions and services/products you are using, the pricing and the associated service charges. This will provide enhanced visibility into the fees you pay each month. Certain pre-existing “bundled” fees for products such as Online Banking, Remote Check Deposit and ACH Origination and Positive Pay/Fraud bundles will show on the Account Analysis statement.


How will fees be charged? 

All fees will be charged via a debit to your business checking account. If you have multiple Business Analysis Checking accounts, the account you designate as your billing account will be charged. 


All Account Analysis FAQs

All Account Analysis FAQs

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Account Analysis Statement Guide

Account Analysis Statement Guide

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Reach out to your Treasury Sales Officer or call our
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Reach out to your Treasury Sales Officer or call our </br>Treasury Solutions Department at 866-245-4554.