Valley Pilots Virtual Financial Education and Career Readiness Programs with W!se Institute

News | 6/12/2020

The Valley team collaborated with Working in Support of Education (W!se) to pilot their first virtual Financial Literacy program for the High School of Economics and Finance. Valley’s long-standing partnership with W!SE includes almost 300 volunteers who have recently provided almost 600 hours of service working with the High School of Economics and Finance students in New York City. Our team has also assisted with the W!se Financial Literacy Certification by reviewing the test topics around Valley’s expertise of banking, credit, insurance and investing.


In late April 2020, when the NYC area was seeing the highest rates of Covid-19 in the nation, the organization quickly made plans to shift from in-person seminars to virtual seminars. The Valley Volunteers leveraged the W!se program content to design and deliver virtual Financial Literacy sessions to a group of sophomore students from the High School of Economics and Finance, everyone joining from home with Volunteers from the CSR-CRA, Retail Banking and Residential Mortgage departments.
In June the CSR-CRA Department also collaborated with W!se to launch their Case Studies in Sustainability Seminar. The series was offered virtually to the students at New York City’s High School of Environmental Studies as part of their Engineered Green Economics (EGE) initiative. With volunteer experts from a variety of industries, EGE uses an interdisciplinary approach for high school students to learn about climate change, resource efficiency, clean energy, green careers and new technologies to address environmental, social and business mandates, to prepare and inspire the high school students to advance their careers in this growing field and empower them to address much need change in their communities. The Valley team presented a Sustainability Business Model as well as a second session on Sustainably Oriented Innovation.


About Working In Support of Education W!se
W!se is a nonprofit located in NYC that provides financial education, college and career readiness programs and services to students, educators and at-risk adults. Through the W!se Financial Literacy Certification program, high school students are graduating as financially literate young adults. W!se provides instructional resources for volunteer facilitators and then with the schools, administers the W!se Financial Literacy Certification Test. Students passing the Test become Certified Financially Literate™. W!se has offered seminars about sustainability since 2018. W!se believes that educating a new generation of talent with the capacity to influence change is one of the best investments for society and the environment.


About Valley
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