Valley's ARG Program

Our recently launched Associate Resource Group (ARG) program is open to all our associates and champions an environment in which unique experiences and perspectives are encouraged and valued.


Valley’s ARGs allow associates to connect with each other in a meaningful way, which enhances the ability for various teams to work together collaboratively and to support one another.  




The ABLE ARG is committed to improving the lives of associates, customers, and community members with disabilities in the workplace by providing a safe, inclusive, and equitable work environment. Since disability is a natural part of diversity, we strive to ensure people with disabilities are represented in their workforce. Our goal is to help associates with all types of disabilities thrive in every aspect of their careers with dignity and respect by being advocates, allies, and champions for disability awareness internally and externally. The ABLE ARG seeks to empower, encourage, and support the disability community at Valley and in the communities we serve through greater accessibility, communication, innovation, technology, and education.



The Asian Society for Innovation and Achievement Associate Resource Group (ASIA ARG) is dedicated to celebrating the diversity and rich history of Middle Eastern, South Asian, Asian Pacific and Asian American cultures and applying these cultures to Valley’s work environment. The ASIA ARG seeks to be a full partner in the growth and innovation happening at Valley, to ensure connection and collaboration and to break down silos for better communication and understanding. The ASIA ARG provides members and colleagues with career development, engagement, and education opportunities while simultaneously creating a community of support, encouragement and empowerment among associates and customers so that Valley is better able to meet its objectives and goals.





The Black Employees Leading in Inclusion, Excellence, Vision and Empowerment (BELIEVE ARG) is dedicated to encouraging and empowering Black associates at Valley to lead and to thrive in their professional careers. BELIEVE ARG strives to foster and nurture an environment of inclusion, belonging, safety, and advocacy for Black associates and their colleagues at Valley and in the communities we serve. We seek to provide Black associates with greater access to career growth and advancement through professional development, networking, mentorship and sponsorship and through the engagement of our communities to attract and retain diverse talent. BELIEVE ARG stands in solidarity with other marginalized communities in our society and beyond, and is committed to advancing social justice and equity, and building trust and authenticity as a Valley community.



Valley’s HOLA ARG is dedicated to inspiring and supporting Hispanic, Latino/a/x, and Portuguese professionals and their colleagues at Valley. HOLA ARG seeks to foster an inclusive work environment, support career growth and to advance Valley’s goals and objectives. HOLA ARG is also committed to supporting and encouraging the development of stronger communities across our footprint, empowering personal financial growth, and increasing awareness of Valley within the Hispanic and Latino/a/x community.





PROUD ARG is dedicated to empowering and supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people in Valley’s workplace and in the communities we serve. PROUD ARG strives to build a workplace where individuality is seen as a strength and is recognized, respected, and treated with fairness and dignity. PROUD ARG endeavors to create safe spaces and to ensure the well-being of LGBTQ+ associates and their colleagues by promoting allyship, advocacy and education through cultural competence and awareness. 



The Women Influencing Success and Empowerment (WISE ARG) associate resource group is dedicated to the empowerment of women in Valley’s workplace and in the communities we serve. WISE ARG firmly believes that standing with every successful woman is a tribe of women and men who are allies that are supporting, mentoring and sponsoring her. As such, WISE ARG strives to educate, connect, elevate and empower women, by providing inclusive networking, professional development and opportunities for collaboration and community outreach. Our goal is to help Valley’s women prepare for and thrive in leadership roles at all stages of their careers. WISE ARG seeks to encourage and maintain an inclusive workplace at Valley by centering on equity, justice and fairness, amplifying the voices and success of women at Valley and in our communities