When I became President & CEO of Valley, I realized that for Valley to continue to be competitive and successful, we needed to evolve our culture while still preserving the core values that have been instrumental to our success. The best way for an organization to evolve is to bring new perspectives and ideas to the table. That’s why we’ve made diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives a priority for Valley from day one.

We view diversity as an opportunity to celebrate the many aspects that make us unique. This includes, for example, our ethnicity, race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, generation, veteran status, and disability, as well as our backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences.  At Valley, we have recognized that our diversity contributes to a culture that values fresh ideas and unique perspectives.

When everyone has a seat at the table, and is seen and heard, companies become better and stronger. I encourage everyone to see the value of a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture the way I do – as an opportunity to leverage a variety of perspectives throughout our organization; to provide greater opportunities for career growth, development, and satisfaction; and to better meet the needs of our customers. Together, we not only strengthen the culture of Valley Bank but also the communities we serve.

   Ira Robbins
   President & CEO




Our Mission Statement


At Valley, we believe our associates are our greatest assets and our people represent the communities we serve


We strive to foster a strong and inclusive culture that is committed to providing the highest quality of service to our customers, the communities in which we operate, and each other.  We encourage everyone to expand their points of view, to be open-minded and to seek to understand our individual differences.  Valley embraces and values the unique perspective each employee brings to the workplace.  Our diverse workforce enables us to create an inclusive environment from which collaboration, innovation and teamwork can tangibly influence business results.


Our Vision


In 2019, Valley began its journey to codify its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), to build upon its organic DEI internal and external initiatives and to lay a foundation upon which we can leverage our diverse and inclusive workplace as a strategic advantage in the marketplace and in service to our community.


As we move forward, our vision with respect to diversity, equity and inclusion is to ensure that Valley’s programs, processes, systems and culture support all our associates and customers, so that people have greater access to opportunities to grow to their full capability and potential. We are committed encouraging, expanding and maintaining a truly inclusive work environment that is focused one guiding principle - we all belong at Valley. Cultivating our diverse and inclusive workplace is essential not only for Valley’s growth, but also for our personal and professional growth as individuals. By embracing our diversity and our inclusive work culture, we enhance our ability to bring new ideas to the table, raise new questions, innovate our practices and products, and gain new insights about the world around us. These insights and enhancements will help us strengthen our connections with our communities and, ultimately, our ability to serve as a better partner.


We look forward to the road ahead as we look to bring this vision to life.



Inclusion is the Goal, Diversity is the Outcome


“We know that diversity, equity and inclusion are key drivers for cultivating an engaged and productive workforce, attaining our business goals and for meeting the needs of the communities we serve.  By leveraging the diverse talents and backgrounds and perspectives of our associates, Valley stands out as both an employer of choice and an excellent community partner." 

    Tammy Mata​
    Senior Vice President, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Tammy Mata

Tammy Mata​
Senior Vice President, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Jovanka Stevenson​

Jovanka Stevenson​
Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion Business Partner


See our work in action



Valley's Associate Resource Groups

Our recently launched Associate Resource Group (ARG) program is open to all our associates and champions an environment in which unique experiences and perspectives are encouraged and valued.

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Valley in the Community

We work hand-in-hand with our communities to improve quality of life and bring economic empowerment and change to our communities. Read more on how we make an impact on our communities every day. 

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Women in Business

Valley’s Women in Business program is full of women just like you who are seeking connection and collaboration to help you get to the next level in your business.

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