Mwaura Muroki
Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer

Mwaura Muroki

Mwaura Muroki tells us about the amazing people he works with and how enjoyable the years have been.

Q: Describe your career path to your current position at Valley.

A: I began my career as a seasonal teller in 1999 while in college. After graduating, I joined the management associate program at Valley in 2001. After graduating from the program, I joined the credit department as a commercial loan underwriter. In 2004, I joined the commercial loan department as a junior officer and now I am a Commercial Loan Officer.  

Q: What makes working at Valley so rewarding?

A: The people that work at Valley are amazing. They make it fun to come into work, which not everyone can say they do. I really enjoy going above and beyond helping our clients meet their needs. There is no better feeling than seeing the satisfaction of your client.