Melissa Scofield
Executive Vice President and
Chief Risk Officer

Melissa Scofield
1)    How did you get involved in your current career? 
I’ve worked in banking my whole adult life. I worked for a savings and loan throughout college as a teller, and then as a new accounts representative. I really enjoyed my time at the S&L and they offered me a job after graduation to be part of their branch management training program. I considered taking the job, but explored my options by interviewing with other companies. One of the interviews was with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) for an entry level bank examiner position. I loved what I learned during the interview process and, after the second interview, I got the job. I worked for the OCC for nearly 34 years, where I gained tremendous experience in many facets of banking, and in all sized banks. It was a great career and I really value all the people I’ve worked with and learned from over the years. Being in a position to help guide banks to improve their risk management processes, overall safety and soundness and performance was very rewarding. The OCC was very progressive in their examination approach many years ago, by implementing the concepts of evaluating banks’ risk management processes and applying a risk-based supervisory approach.  
All these experiences really helped prepare me for my next career, which is my current role as Chief Risk Officer at Valley. When presented with the opportunity to come work at Valley, it was a decision I did not take lightly. However, I ultimately was ready to make a career change and wanted to dive in to this new role. I “retired” from the OCC on March 20, 2015 and joined Valley 3 days later as Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer. 

2)    How do you remain productive while managing your professional responsibilities?
Not easy, for sure. But, it requires staying organized, staying on top of priorities and deliverable dates, and having really good help from our talented, highly motivated employees and managers. We work together to make sure we accomplish our goals and objectives, and we help each other be successful.

3)    What is the most critical issue facing our community?
I would say the cost of living, particularly housing costs, especially in the NY Metro areas. Valley has worked hard to offer products and services to meet the needs of our entire community, including offering affordable mortgage products, and we work with a number of various community and neighborhood housing groups as well.       

4)    What is your favorite place to visit in the community?
The local restaurants are the best. There is no shortage of good eateries. 

5)    Can you tell us something that may surprise us?
I love to ski and wish I could do it more. Being on top of the mountain and looking out over the snow-covered trails, huge pine trees and valley below is just so invigorating, yet peaceful and calming at the same time. There’s nothing like it.

6)    Why Valley?
Valley is a special place to work and I’m proud to be part of the Valley family. The employees are so dedicated, diligent, smart, kind and willing to go above and beyond to help our customers, each other, and the community.