Meet Kati Isaacson

First Vice President, Brand and Communications Manager

Kati Isaacson is key to keeping our associates “in the know” at Valley. As our Brand and Communications Manager, she is instrumental in leading our internal corporate communications and promoting everything that’s going on around the organization – from community support projects to promotions and beyond.

Kati recently shared some insight into her career at Valley and told us who she considers a Visionary Woman.

  1. KatiHow did you get involved in your current career? Who/What inspired you
    in your career?

    My parents are the greatest inspiration in my life. My father was President & CEO of 1st United Bank when I decided to make the transition from advertising to marketing in the banking sector. There was a unique opportunity to have a hand in creating our Marketing Department in an environment that offered growth and an entrepreneurial spirit. I could try new things without a huge cost to the bank and pivot quickly if the ideas didn’t work. It was a great way to learn and grow in this industry. Thankfully I had strong mentors at the Bank to help support and guide me.

  2. How do you remain productive while managing your professional responsibilities? 

    It’s critical to lead by example in all aspects in life. You never know who’s looking or who you might inspire. I’ve always taken pride in my work and being as responsive and supportive as possible. What we do and how we treat each other matters and I think it all equates to success for the Bank and for my team when I’m contributing my personal best every day. 

  3. Who do you consider a Visionary Woman? 

    Wow. I can only choose 1? My mom. She has two Masters degrees from Syracuse University but she never stops learning. She’s taken courses on quantum physics to have a greater understanding of the world. She’s started new businesses for the sake of doing what she loves and making a difference in people’s lives. She’s traveled the globe (by herself!) in order to embrace different cultures. She also happens to be an incredible writer, award-winning photographer, actor, singer and NIA instructor. She’s also the most loving mom on the planet. Like I said, my parents are my greatest inspiration for good reason.

  4. What is your favorite place to visit in the community? 

    Where I live now—Jupiter Beach. Not only do we care for the beach as a community with beach clean ups and protecting sea life, but there’s also 2 miles of beach where they allow dogs! It’s impossible not to be happy when you see the pure, unfiltered joy of a dog rolling around in seaweed and sand with wild abandon. My dog rides the waves, gives a friendly nod to passing dogs and reminds me how much happiness there is with nothing more than a tennis ball on an open beach.

  5. Can you tell us something that may surprise us? 

    I recently earned my MBA from Syracuse University. It was solely for the opportunity to learn a more holistic view and approach to business and to meet people from all over the world. I enjoy being out of my comfort zone, learning new things and being surrounded by people smarter than me. It was an experience I’ll cherish forever. I also love to write poetry and I cook almost every night. I love the creativity of cooking—especially for an amazing husband who will try anything! 

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