Caitlin Larsen
Banking Officer, Cranford Branch Service Manager

Caitlin Larsen

Caitlin Larsen tells what keeps her motivated and what has helped her progress through her career.

Q: What motivates you in your career?

A: My primary motivation in my career is achieving or exceeding the desired end-result in any task that I am given.  I am always looking to try new things, add value, challenge myself to improve and grow in my professional career.  Achieving goals that customers set or solving issues that arise in their financial landscape not only leads to a sense of accomplishment for my career, but also is rewarding on a personal level.

Q: How has Valley helped you progress in your career?

A: Through training programs, management experience and mentoring I've been able to expand my knowledge of banking, sales, and operations. My staff works together as a team, and each member is dedicated, productive and efficient at their roles.  Senior management has supported me through my entire journey with the Bank and is continuously motivating me to continue growing.