Meet Delpha Bartley-Jones

Vice President, CRA Officer in Birmingham, Alabama

When not training for a marathon (she’s run 40 of them), Delpha Bartley-Jones is passionate in her role as a Valley Corporate Responsibility Act (CRA) Officer out of Birmingham, Alabama. She focuses much of her attention on critical issues facing her community, including food insecurity, health and wellness and financial instability. 

We recently asked Delpha to share insight into her career and the women that really made an impact in her life. 

  1. How did you get involved in your current career? 

    I started my career in Branch Banking Management and evolved into other departments, such as Business Banking, Marketing, Market Executive, and now as a CRA Officer. Each position I held involved components of CRA, such as teaching financial education to students and small business owners; hosting small business symposiums; and closing on community development loans.

  2. Who/What inspired you in your career?

    I’ve gained the most inspiration from my parents and my maternal aunt, who instilled in me a strong work ethic. They taught me to set goals, to be assertive, and to aggressively pursue my professional and personal goals. I’ve also been very fortunate to have mentors throughout my career who have provided feedback and guidance to help me further develop and grow. I am grateful for their advice, time, transparency, friendship, and wisdom. 

  3. How do you remain productive while managing your professional responsibilities?

    I believe in setting goals, planning, utilizing a checklist, and creating efficient processes. Being in tune with my leadership and management profile, gives me the opportunity to reduce stressors and build on my strengths. It’s also important to build a team who communicates openly, collaborates, and whose skills sets are complimentary and bring balance. Lastly, learning to say no and not over committing your schedule is also acceptable. 

  4. Who do you consider a Visionary Woman?

    Verna Tremble—one of my high school teachers. She was firm, yet inspiring. Her presence and poise commanded respect. She believed in her students and pushed us all to excel in all that we do. We have maintained a friendship throughout my adulthood and she is deemed as a family member. 

  5. Who would nominate as a Champion of Peace? Unsung hero? Internal or external? Why?

    I would nominate my mother, Dorothy Bartley. She was courageous, creative, resourceful, generous, and loved helping people—anyone in need. I have 3 biological siblings but my mother raised other children, so I have 6 siblings in all! She was the go to person in our community to listen, resolve issues, and assist in anyway needed. To know her was to know kindness, love, humility, and an appreciation for life. 

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