5 Questions with Angie Argiros

Library | 10/9/2019

Angie headshotWhat inspires you in your career?

If I’m not inspired, I’m not alive. I find inspiration in everything around me from risk-takers to the responsibility of our image.

How do you support other women in the business world?

I support other women by mentoring and partnering with organizations that boost female entrepreneurship as well patronizing women-led businesses in my capacity as a small business lender.

What have you learned about leadership and entrepreneurship from your work with small businesses?

The key to growth and profitability is in your ability to satisfy customers needs so they choose to buy from you rather than someone else so it leads to repeat customers and, in turn, those customers bringing in their friends. Having a hand in small business growth is beyond inspiring.


What advice do you have for women in small business?

My three main pieces of advice are:

  1. Be confident and assertive

  2. Handle criticism well because you are never going to satisfy everybody

  3. Research and determine how to balance work and family ​

What qualities do you see in the women you work with who own/manage a small business?

The women leaders I work with are resilient and passionate team leaders who are confident in themselves.


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Women in Business

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