By: Ira Robbins, President & CEO 
Through many of our recent acquisitions, we’ve been able expand our footprint. But with that growth, lots of questions arise—both from our existing associates and customers in New Jersey and New York, and the new ones who are meeting us for the first time in Florida and Alabama.
Change, naturally, brings about skepticism. But more importantly, it opens opportunity. That’s why one of my key missions as CEO has been to unify us as one Valley. Today, we’ve reached a new milestone in the evolution of our company. You can now just call us Valley; one organization united around a collaborative culture, empowered people, and the passion to make a lasting impact on the communities we serve.


Inspiring our Teams

Culture is everything. That’s what I believe, it’s what my leadership team believes, and it’s what we want all our associates to believe. We can’t serve our customers and communities well unless we have empowered and passionate employees. That’s why we’re committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture nurtured by the sharing of ideas, a teamwork environment, and an entrepreneurial spirit.
The more than 3,400 people who make up Valley are the heart of our company. And their success, is our success. Going forward, our associates can continue to count on us to invest in their growth, support community causes important to them, and put them first in our decision-making.

Inspiring our Teams

Building Relationships
When I ask customers what they value most about banking with Valley, the answer is resounding—the relationship with their banker. Our logo is not the face of Valley—our people are. Obviously, we’re not the only bank with a footprint that spans multiple states. What differentiates us, however, is the extent we’ll go to serve our customers, especially giving our associates the power to make local decisions.
Decisions shouldn’t be made for a customer a thousand miles away. Our associates have built the relationship; gotten to know the customer’s needs and pain-points; and are best suited to decide what’s the right solution to help the customer succeed. That’s why building relationships is a key tenet of our company. Knowing our customers is what will help drive success for Valley for years to come.
Building relationships

Empowering our Customers

We’re proud to say that even though our footprint is just in four states, we manage accounts in more than two dozen. We can do this by providing innovative digital solutions that allow us to serve our customers no matter where they are. After all, we’re about helping people achieve what they’ve set out to achieve. Whether it’s to expand their business, start one, or save for their new baby’s education, we can do it all with the local decision-making of a community bank and the resources of a big one.
That’s the power that Valley provides. 
Empowering our Customers


We are Valley

But as any organization grows, the culture changes, and a need to find the spirit that drove us to success is needed again. That’s why we set out on evolving our brand. Not to run away from our past, but to embrace it and make it relevant to our growing customer base in a way that’s consistent with their needs today—and tomorrow.
It’s one thing to grow the balance sheet, it’s another thing to grow opportunity. And that’s what we strive to do. Grow opportunities for our associates, for our customers, and for all the communities we serve.
We are one Valley. And we’re paving a new path forward.

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We are Valley

You've always called us Valley.

We were listening.

For a long time, we’ve been helping drive success in our communities by delivering solutions to local people and businesses. That’s why we’re not changing who we are. Instead, we’re paving a new path forward—a path that will lead us to delivering a more convenient and innovative banking experience.