Swap out your wallet for a secure and easy way to pay


If you have a smartphone you probably have a Mobile Wallet app. It's featured on many Android, Google and Apple smartphones (or can be easily downloaded). But are you using it?

Mobile Wallet is a safe, easy way to pay as you shop. Best of all, your Valley Visa® Debit Card  and Valley Credit Cards can easily link to Mobile Wallet apps that use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay.


Lets start with the basics: Understanding Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet apps let you make purchases without carrying physical plastic cards with you. Better yet, it saves you time when you’re out shopping by not having to dig through your purse or pull out your wallet when you’re checking out.

To use Mobile Wallet, all you need is a smartphone, tablet or even a smartwatch. Most Mobile Wallet apps can hold multiple Valley debit and credit cards, giving you options when you’re out shopping. Some even hold coupons and loyalty cards.


Setting up your Mobile Wallet 

It’s quick and easy to do. Simply open the Mobile Wallet app and follow the instructions. You’ll be asked to enter your card number, expiration date, and CVV code. Some apps can even scan your Valley debit or credit card (using your phone’s camera) so you don’t have to type in all the information.


Now you can use your new Mobile Wallet app

After your Valley card(s) is linked, all you do is hold or wave your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch over a point-of-sale terminal (same device you would swipe with a credit card). The terminal will pick up your card and process your payment.



Add your Valley Visa Debit Card or Valley Credit Card(s)

POS Terminal

Simply hold or your mobile device over a POS terminal (same device you would swipe with your credit card)

Payment Complete

The POS terminal will pick up your card and process your payment


Quick Tip: How can you tell if Mobile Wallet is accepted? Just look for this Mobile Wallet next to the point-of-sale terminal. See a list of stores that accept: Apple PayGoogle PaySamsung Pay.


Is shopping with Mobile Wallet safe?

It’s actually more secure than carrying your physical cards. Many Mobile Wallet apps don’t store your real card number. Instead, they give your card an encrypted code so it can be stored securely. This means if your phone is lost or stolen, no one can get your card information.


Quick Tip: To protect yourself even more, we recommend setting up either a six-digit pin or thumbprint security scan that you can easily activate when making purchases.

Valley Credit Cards

Valley Credit Cards

Choose the right Valley credit card for you. No matter which card you choose, you'll enjoy important features like mobile purchasing capabilities for added convenience and EMV smart chip technology for added security.

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