We offer a choice of flexible payment options, whether you are looking to pay online, by mail or over the phone.


Convenient ways to pay



Pay Online


Valley Checking or Savings Account


Log-in to or Register for Valley’s Online Banking to immediately transfer funds to your loan or mortgage. We recommend the Transfer option to make your payment as it will process faster than using the Pay Bills option.


Pay with Valley Account


Non-Valley Checking or Savings Account


Through Valley's relationship with DocuPhase Payment Solutions, you can make same day payments to your Valley loan or mortgage from accounts you may have at other banks.


Pay with Non-Valley Account



Set up recurring mortgage payments your way


Want to pay your residential mortgage accurately, on time, every month? Schedule monthly mortgage payments to
be taken on the day you choose, from your preferred account. If your monthly mortgage payment amount changes,
your scheduled payment will auto-adjust as well, so you can stay in control of your payments.




Pay by Check


Mail your Mortgage Payment to: P.O.B 954, Wayne NJ 07474-0954

Mail your Auto Payment to: P.O.B. 953, Wayne, NJ 07474-0953

Mail your HELOC or CVLC or other loan payment to: P.O.B. 952, Wayne NJ 07474-0952


Alternatively, you can drop your payment off at a local branch.


Find a local branch





Pay by Phone


Through Valley's relationship with DocuPhase Payment Solutions, you can make a one-time payment from your checking or savings account.
To pay by phone, please call 866-439-6650.



Set up automatic payment


Schedule automatic monthly payments from your checking or savings account with ACH
payment service. Your payment amount auto-adjusts when your loan payment changes.


Mortgage Customers


Schedule monthly mortgage payments to
be taken on the day you choose, from your preferred account



Other Loans


Download and email the completed ACH Form for other loans to financial@valley.com


Download ACH Form


Get loan statements your way


Log-in or Sign up for Valley’s online banking to receive paperless loan statements.

Go to your loan account details and click Paperless Statements.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is paperless statements?

    Also referred to as e-statements, paperless statements are available online.  They are convenient way of keeping your account information secure and help reduce identity theft.   

  • How do I sign up for paperless statements?
    1. Sign on to your Valley online or banking account.

    2. Find and click on your mortgage or loan account.

    3. Under Account Details, click Paperless Statements.

    4. See our video tutorial for help.

  • What is your mail address?
    If you would like to mail your payment, please write your account number on your check and mail to:
    Mortgages Home Equity
    Other Consumer Loans
    (including Auto, CVLC, Personal Loans and Lines)

    Valley Bank
    PO Box 954                        
    Wayne, NJ 07474

    Valley Bank
    PO Box 952                        
    Wayne, NJ 07474-0952

    Valley Bank
    PO BOX 558
    Wayne, NJ  07474-0558

  • When do you assess late charges?

    Grace periods vary and due dates vary by loan. Most of our payments have a 10 or 15-day grace period. If payment has not been received at that time, a late fee will be assessed.

  • I misplaced my statement. How do I access or receive a duplicate?

    Mortgage Customers

    1. Sign on to your Valley online or banking account.

    2. Find and click on your mortgage

    3. Under Account Details, click Paperless Statements


    Other Consumer Loans

    Please call customer care at 800-522-4100

  • What should I do if i'm late or missed my payment?

    If you are late on your payment or have missed your payment, please call us to discuss what issues you may be experiencing at

    • Mortgage : 800-526-9098 ext 3596

    • Other Consumer Loans : 800-522-4100

  • If I make an additional payment to my loan, how will it be applied?

    If there is no prior amount due – whether it be balance or fees and you make a payment that is greater than the amount due, it will be applied to principal.

  • How do I sign up for ACH payments?

    To schedule a regular monthly payment from a checking or savings account at Valley or another U.S. financial institution, complete and submit the ACH form appropriate to your loan. By timing the due date along with regular inflows such as salary, you’ll know that your payments are made on time and in line with your budget. Remember payments are made on regular business days only.

    ACH activation usually takes five-seven business days after we receive your completed form, so continue to make your payments with another method until you receive written confirmation of your enrollment in ACH from us.

    ACH Form - Mortgage
    ACH Form - Other Loans

  • What happens if my ACH payment is returned due to insufficient funds?

    We will notify you by letter that your payment has been returned.  You will need to make this payment via alternate means (see options above) to remain current.  Once we receive payment, your ACH service will go back into effect with the next scheduled payment.



Payments scheduled after 6:00 P.M. EST or on a date that is a Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday will be received and credited on the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday. If the payment is received after the loan late charge assessment date, this may result in a late charge. Late charges are assessed after the close of business on the assessment date. For more information, speak with your local Bank representative or call Customer Service at 800-522-4100. For calls made from outside of the U.S. and Canada, please call 973-305-8800