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Family Connections of New Jersey knows a lot about challenging situations that affect people’s lives. On a daily basis, their staff help people and families overcome hardships, such as trauma, mental illness, addiction, domestic violence, and child abuse. Their mission is to provide counseling, skills-building, and prevention services to help people take control of their own healing and foster connections so that the communities they serve can thrive.


“Our staff brings their many skills and big hearts to work every day,” says Jacques Hryshko, Chief Executive Officer of Family Connections. “We work with people as they define their own needs, goals and plans for better lives. We want to ensure that thousands of children, teens, mothers, fathers, veterans, seniors, and others can heal and succeed in life.”


Their staff go out into many New Jersey communities to meet with clients. So, when the pandemic started to grow in New Jersey, it severely impacted their ability to help people.


“Our work is based on face-to-face interactions, which can no longer happen,” says Hryshko. “Our clients and staff routines have been completely interrupted, our access to the community has declined, and all the while the needs of our clients have increased on multiple levels.”


One critical impacted piece of their organization was their fee-based service programs. The fees generated through these programs allow them to continue to operate efficiently. So, when the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program opened, it was crucial for Family Connections to receive funding. That’s when they turned to Valley. Relationship Manager, John Henningsen, provided Family Connections with clear guidance through every step of the process.


“John kept us updated on our loan’s status and let us know if there were any upcoming next steps we needed to be prepared for,” says Hryshko.  “All of the employees we worked with at Valley were incredibly responsive and their customer service was impeccable.”


“These PPP funds have enabled us to keep operations and programs running while being able to pay our staff,” Hryshko continued. “We’ve also been able to make many new technology changes and transitioned to new platforms. This means our staff didn’t skip a beat in helping our clients.”



Family Connections helps thousands of people and families every year overcome some of life’s most difficult hardships. To learn more about Family Connections and how you can support their mission, go to




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