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Protecting a businesses employees


Cargo King, Inc., is a total transportation, distribution, warehousing, and logistics resource serving air and ocean freight forwarders, NVOCCs, 3PLs, distributors and shippers in Florida. The business focuses on giving their customers the complete service they requested and the dependability they can count on. Unfortunately, because of a result of COVID-19, the demand for local trucking dropped significantly. Within the first three weeks of the pandemic their sales dropped to less than 15%.


“Lack of business has been, and will continue to be, the biggest and most concerning challenge,” says co-owner Parveen Bhatia. “We don’t foresee a full comeback until—hopefully—the fourth quarter.”


Owners, Parveen and Terry Bhatia stopped taking paychecks for themselves as soon as business dropped. They pulled several of their trucks from the fleet to save on insurance costs and sent some of their employees home with just 50% of their salary. Over the past few weeks, they’ve seen a slow increase in sales of about 5% per week. Parveen and Terry have been concerned with keeping valuable employees on the payroll.


Thankfully, with the funds from the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Parveen and Terry knew they could afford to pay their employees and some of the business expenses. They applied for a PPP loan through Valley Bank and worked closely with Commercial Loan Officer, Ash Ramkhalawan, and Personal Banker, Ayesha Cevallos, through the entire process. They feel that their banking partnership with Valley has been a “lifesaver” in all of this. The couple applied for another PPP loan through Wells Fargo for another business they own and received no communication whatsoever while their Valley team communicated with them daily.


“Ashwan is a superhero,” says Terry. “He told me what to prepare ahead of the application, when to expect the application, when to expect a response, when to expect the docu-sign and when to expect the funds—the funds even came quicker than he said!”


As a result, Parveen and Terry were able to bring the employees they sent home back up to full salaries and afford rent and utilities for their business. And, when the demand for their business returns, the company will be ready to continue to provide their customers with the complete service they request and the dependability they can count on.




Cargo King, Inc. is located in Miami, Florida. They provide local services as a total transportation, distribution, warehousing and logistics resource for a variety of industries. To learn more about them, please visit




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