Cash Value Line of Credit

Valley’s Cash Value Line of Credit will help your clients see you in a whole new light. Connecting them with this unique opportunity allows them to borrow at a competitive interest rate while their full dividend schedule and benefits remain intact. Equally important, it solidifies your role as a trusted financial adviser to whom they will turn to with their other financial needs.

Please reach out to Martha Soper at 813-997-6068 or Patrick Moriarty at 862-329-9133 to discuss this valuable opportunity for you and your clients.


Key Benefits 

For your clients

No application fee or pre-payment penalty. *Florida applicants may be subject to a document stamp tax.


Multiple policies can be used as collateral for one line of credit


Interest may be tax deductible (consult with your tax advisor)

For your practice

Deepens client relationships


May be used as a tool to reorganize debt structure


Free up client's assets to potentially invest in other insurance/investment products and services