A whole life insurance policy line of credit may be the liquidity you need


A line of credit secured by whole life insurance can be the financing that you are looking for when business opportunities, home renovations or emergency expenses arise.


Valley’s Cash Value Line of Credit (CVLC) is secured by the net cash surrender value of your whole life policy.  This line of credit is a powerful tool that provides you with the freedom to borrow without pledging assets other than your whole life policy. Our simple application process, quick turn-around time and competitive interest rates provide you access to the accumulated cash value of your whole life policy while maintaining the full dividend schedule and other policy benefits.

  • Lines range from $70,000 to $5,000,000

  • No application fee, closing costs, or pre-payment penalty.*

  • Easy access to funds via personal checks or online transfers

  • Interest may be tax deductible (consult with your tax adviser)


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Why borrow against your life insurance policy?


Low-interest rates


Low-interest rates


Rates are low compared to unsecured lending options such as personal loans and credit cards.




Easy application process coupled with quick turnaround time.

Peace of Mind


Peace of Mind


No other assets such as your
home are used as collateral.



Our approved whole life carriers


Have a Whole Life Insurance Policy with one of the campanies below?
Our experts can help your borrow against your policy.

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John Hancock Life Insurance
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Northwestern Mutual

Ohio National Financial Services


Penn mutual


Eligible life insurance policies must be at least one year old and issued by one of the Valley-approved mutual insurance companies listed above.  Multiple policies can be used as collateral for one line of credit. Borrower must be a person or trust. Corporations and pensions are not eligible. Minimum line amount is $70,000. Subject to credit approval. Additional terms and conditions apply. Interest may be tax deductible (consult with your tax advisor).

*Florida applicants may be subject to the Florida Documentary Stamp Tax fee.



How can a whole life insurance policy line of credit help you?



Buy or Renovate a Home

Quickly accessing your Cash Value Line of Credit for your down payment may be advantageous in today’s market. Down the road, this line of credit is a great source of cash for repairs and renovations.

Invest in Real Estate

Invest in Real Estate

Paying cash is one strategy used to win bidding wars and by using your Cash Value Line of Credit, you may not have to liquidate other investments to take advantage.

Starting a Business

Start or Expand a Business

For that great business idea, a Cash Value Line of Credit can provide a little extra cash to get it off the ground – with a simplified application and quick turn-around decision.

Emergency Fund

Cover Emergency Expenses

Whether it’s a medical bill, job loss, or other stressful situation, your Cash Value Line of Credit may provide a valuable cash cushion for when your savings won’t cover the need.

Cash Flow

Survive a Cash Flow Crunch

When dealing with a temporary cash flow issue, you can access your Cash Value Line of Credit to cover payroll, invoices and other expenses to keep your business running smoothly.   

Pay off credit

Consolidate Higher Interest Credit

With credit card and personal loans having double digit interest rates, your Cash Value Line of Credit can be used to pay them down and achieve substantial savings.   



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