No points and no other Valley fees

It’s not too late to refinance and save big


Make 2021 the year you finally reduce your monthly mortgage payment, lower your interest rate or maybe even shorten your loan term.


If you’ve been waiting to refinance your mortgage, there is still time. Rates remain low and, when you refinance with Valley, you avoid unnecessary fees. While other banks may charge thousands to refinance, Valley's one-time, all-inclusive cost is $499 with no points and no other Valley fees.


Contact a knowledgeable home loan consultant near you to discuss this and other refinancing options.





As of 04/22/2021, a sample $240,000 15-year fixed rate mortgage APR is 2.905% with a monthly payment of $1,643.00. APR assumes a borrower with excellent credit, is subject to change without notice, and may be different for loan amounts above the conforming limit. The estimated monthly payment does not include taxes and insurance premiums and the actual monthly payment will be greater. $499 Refinance Program is available for single family owner-occupied homes and Valley approved condominiums with a maximum loan amount of $1,000,000 and for 2-4 family owner-occupied homes with a maximum loan amount equal to conforming loan limits. Mortgage must be in first lien position. Co-ops and investment properties are not eligible for this program. Other programs are available for other loan amounts and properties. Approved applicants will be responsible at closing for funding interim interest and an escrow account for property taxes and insurances, and if applicable, lien subordination fees from existing lenders. For NY applicants. If applicable in New York, approved applicants will also be responsible for any related mortgage assignment and/or attorney fees charged by your current lender to facilitate completion of a CEMA, the borrower’s portion of NY mortgage recording taxes and all other NY county or municipal fees. For Florida and Alabama applicants. Approved applicants are also responsible for the mortgage documentary stamp tax, the mortgage recording fee, and the intangible tax (Florida only). To participate in the $499 Refinance program and qualify for the title insurance reissue rate, you must provide a copy of your existing owners’ title insurance policy for the mortgaged property. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Customer must make automatic payments from a Valley checking account. Subject to credit approval. Additional terms and conditions apply. An Equal Opportunity Lender.



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