Education Savings Account

As your child grows up, you’re probably thinking ahead to their education. You want to be ready to help them cover the costs. We understand. An Education Savings Account lets you make tax-deferred contributions for your child’s education that can then be used tax-free to cover qualified education expenses. Talk with your tax advisor about this savings option and then we’ll help you get started. An Education Savings Account can be opened by visiting one of our conveniently located branches.

  • Key Benefits
    • Enjoy tax-deferred investment growth
    • Make contributions up to $2,000 a year up your child's 18th birthday
    • Any funds used for higher education expenses by you or another family member before the age of 30 are tax free
IRA Savings Calculator
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IRA Savings Calculator

How much will my Traditional IRA be worth at retirement?

Valley All Access Rewards Checking
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Valley All Access Rewards Checking

Enjoy a simple checking account that puts $20 a month in your pocket for the next year.

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