3 Month CD at 1.60% APY

Take your savings to the next level with our 3 month CD offer. Get a great rate with little commitment and turn your money into something big.



Why should you open a CD with Valley?

FDIC Insured

FDIC insured up to maximum allowed by law


Guaranteed rate

Guaranteed rate for initial 3 months


Low minimum deposit

Low minimum deposit of $500



What you need to know

  • What do I need to open my account?

    In order to verify your identity, we will need:

    • Name

    • Home address

    • Email address (a unique address for each account holder)

    • Mobile number

    • Social Security number

  • What happens when my CD matures?

    At the time of maturity, the funds can be withdrawn or the certificate will automatically renew at the current interest rate offered for a CD of the same term. The account holder has up to 10 calendar days following the maturity date to withdraw the available funds.


Resources to help you

Articles, tips and expert advice from our Learning Center

3 Month CD
: Minimum deposit of $500 with a maximum of $500,000. The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is effective and accurate as of 12/16/2019. Early withdrawal penalties may be imposed and the fee could reduce principal. If the CD is fully or partially redeemed prior to original maturity date, a penalty equivalent to 90 days interest may be applied. All offers may be withdrawn or modified without prior notice and rates are subject to change. Fees could reduce earnings. See a Bank representative for complete terms and conditions