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You need solutions that drive revenue, optimize productivity, reduce costs, and minimize waste.


Because success for you means financial solutions that make business better. That bring a competitive edge. That inspire your teams and gratify your clients.


That’s where we come in.

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Elevate your success


Credit Solutions

  • Multi-year Line and Term Loan Facilities

  • Working Capital Line of Credit

  • Owner Occupied Mortgage

  • Equipment Finance & Leases

  • Guidance Line of Credit

  • Asset Based Lending

  • Investment Property Mortgages

  • Acquisition Finance


Trade Finance

  • Standby and Trade Letters of Credit

  • Commercial Letters of Credit

  • Import/Export Documentary Collection

  • Banker’s Acceptances


Foreign Exchange  

  • Interest Rate Hedging

  • Spot and Future Fix Trading

  • Foreign Currency Accounts


Treasury Solutions

  • Commercial Online Banking Platform

  • Fraud Mitigation

  • Electronic Disbursement Services

  • RDC/Lockbox/Image Cash Letter



Valley at a Glance

We’re designed to drive your success and build your legacy.



Full-Service Bank


We are a premier commercial, retail, and private bank with dedicated solutions.



National Presence


Our footprint extends across
New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Florida, Alabama, California, and Illinois.



Industy Expertise


A 95+ year history of banking expertise in commercial real estate, healthcare, technology, cannabis, C&I, and more.



Custom Solutions


 Everything we do is tailored to fit your unique situation because the same plan doesn’t work for everyone.

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“Whether you’re looking to manage your financial risk, expand your business, or fund a new project, we have the industry and market knowledge and the services to help your business thrive.” 

Jeff Klink

Chief Banking Officer | Florida




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