Money Manager Icon Budget for a brighter future with My Money Manager

Take advantage of a tool that helps your money move at the speed of your life. With My Money Manager, connect all of your financial accounts from any financial institution within this new feature in your Valley online banking app! Everything from auto loans, mortgages and investment accounts can be monitored from one place by quickly and securely linking your accounts.


Get started today and gain powerful insights on when, where and how you spend your money. From budgeting for weekly groceries to your seeing your vacation savings goals realized, My Money Manager gives you the tools to start simplifying your finances — and much more.

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Benefits of My Money Manager

      See all your accounts in one place

      View spending

      Set and manage budgets

      Visualize your financial goals




Need help with My Money Manager?

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  • What can I do within My Money Manager?

    There’s a lot that our new tool has to offer!


    Below are just some of the ways you can stay on top of your finances:

    • Automatically track your spending across major categories.

    • Generate budgets based on your spending and saving habits.

    • Monitor trends and your net worth over time.

    • Set goals and more.

  • How do I connect my various financial institutions?

    After clicking Add an Account, you will enter in your username and password for each financial institution you’d like to connect. Accounts may take a few minutes to successfully appear. Valley will not ask you for your account number or routing number to connect to accounts.

  • How can I find help within My Money Manager?

    You can easily access a wide variety of FAQs by navigating to the question mark (?) icon in the upper right corner of your dashboard. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the information available, we recommend sending a support request via the “Request Support” button, and someone will get back to you, generally within 24 hours.

  • What’s the difference between hiding, closing, and deleting an account?

    In My Money Manager, hiding an account will hide that account from your dashboard view and totals. You can unhide the account when you wish.


    Marking an account as closed will update the account to reflect a $0.00 balance in your Money Manager dashboard. Be aware that this action can’t be undone, but you will still have access to viewing that account’s transaction history.


    If you’d like to delete an account from your dashboard, you will need to request support via the “Request Support” button. A My Money Manager support agent will delete the account from your dashboard view. You can always re-add the account by connecting that account via your login credentials once again. 

  • Will updates that I make My Money Manager impact my connected financial institutions?

    Should you decide to mark an account as hidden, closed, or request deletion, you will only be updating what’s visible in your personal dashboard. These updates will not impact your actual accounts across various banks.


    My Money Manager creates a single view of your accounts across various banks to help you manage your money more easily.

  • Is my financial data safe with Valley?

    Yes, your data is secure with us. We do not sell customer data nor do we share it with external parties. Have peace of mind knowing that your connected accounts sit behind Valley’s security and privacy measures.


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