Meet Liz Butler

First Senior Vice President and Director of Healthcare Lending Services

Liz Butler learned early on from her mom about the importance of hard work and caring for your community. Today, as our Director of Healthcare Lending Services, Liz is committed to helping healthcare professionals find the financial solutions they need to be better equipped to provide people with quality care.
Liz recently opened up about her career and how watching her grandfather struggle with cancer pointed her in the direction of healthcare lending.
How did you get involved in your current career?
I started working for a large national bank when I was in college on a part time basis in order to help pay for my tuition. I had always thought I would work for a not for profit in a social services field. During my time at that bank, I was fortunate to work for someone that took an interest in me and reminded me: “There is more than one way to help people.” He also afforded me the opportunity to enter their training program and get a full-time job. Thirty years later I never looked back and I still have the privilege to come to work everyday at a job I enjoy.
What do you enjoy most about your career?
Over the course of my career, I have worked in various aspects of banking from credit underwriting to commercial lending. Today my primary focus is Healthcare Lending and providing a broad spectrum of services to meet our customers’ needs. My initial interest in the segment was personal.
Years ago, I watched my grandfather struggle with cancer over a prolonged period of time and sometimes having limited access to specialists due to his insurance options. I began to follow regulatory changes in healthcare and patient protocols, and I came to appreciate some of the challenges facing healthcare professionals.  We work closely with other industry specialists to resolve new impediments that may arise out of the ongoing healthcare reform on a local or national basis.  Most obstacles can be resolved with passion and perseverance. If we collectively tackle a problem we will achieve what we set out to do. It’s a great sense of satisfaction knowing that you are helping professionals that, in turn, care for our community.
What inspired your career?
I have had many mentors during my career. Nonetheless, I have always had a strong sense of self, which I learned from my grandmother and mother. 
My grandmother was raised on a farm in Ireland. She knew growing up that she would change her future path and wanted to live in a city. She came to New York in her twenties with her sister for a better life. She raised her three children and a niece in Manhattan, and as I was growing up she always encouraged me to travel and see the world before settling down. She embraced everyone and believed that we all have something to contribute. She had a favorite quote by Audrey Hepburn: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, “I’m possible!”
My mother was a single parent of three at the age of twenty-seven. She moved to New Jersey with us and got involved in the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), Girl Scouts, and other community organizations. She voluntarily ran the CYO program for two decades and was an amateur photographer for community organizations and teams. She did remarry and went on to raise two stepchildren all while she held down a full-time job. She went on to become the Office Manger for a large regional accounting firm without a college degree where she worked until she passed away.
I learned a strong work ethic from both women and that all obstacles could be overcome. You can survive losing a husband and moving to a new country—only you control your own destiny. Their philosophies included the idea that no matter how busy we are we can always make time to give back—there is always someone less fortunate. They provided me the confidence of knowing that I was just as capable as the next person as long as I was willing to put in the work.

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