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Homeless Solutions

Library | 8/10/2020

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Homeless Solutions has been helping the homeless and working poor in their community since 1983 but this year, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the organization had to quickly adapt their processes so they could continue to deliver on their mission. While the organization does offer shelter, they provide  a continuum of services. They offer a Transitional Housing Program before the next step, allowing for those in need to live there while they get back on their feet. This was severely challenged during the pandemic.


"Our motto is to provide a ‘hand up, not a handout,” says Stephanie Cicale, Chief Development Officer. “We not only provide a warm meal and a place to sleep, we offer the tools and surroundings they need to rebuild their lives and become self-sufficient."


How Homeless Solutions impacts the community

Each year the organization supports between 350 and 450 people in need  and through the first half of 2020 had to adjust their approach without the volume of volunteers, including volunteers from Valley Bank, and with limitations. Prior to the pandemic, the organization was used to seeing a lot of coming and going to and from their facility. Shelter in place orders meant Homeless Solutions had to change their rules for the safety of everyone.


"Without the usual in and out, the organization had to spread everyone out and feed more people than ever before. “The first two months were really about keeping people safe,” says Cicale. “And then our staff was more focused on trying to find housing for people and I’m really proud to say that over the past four months, we’ve been able to find homes for 18 families.”


Homeless Solutions is preparing for the future as the new normal keeps shifting. With the help of Valley Bank’s donation from our Community Pledge CD program, the organization is planning to expand their Winter Warming Center for the next season to allow for social distancing. As a partner of Homeless Solutions for over 8 years, Valley is proud to support this and all the organization’s endeavors to keep their community safe.


“We’re so grateful for the support Valley has provided,” says Cicale. “It’s comforting to know that we have colleagues in the community committed to helping people get back on their feet.”



Find out more about Homeless Solutions


Visit to learn more about Homeless Solutions, and be sure to follow them on Facebook.



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