We See You: Table of Hope

Getting back to serving our communities in person

Library | 6/7/2021


Taking a hands-on approach to strengthening and supporting our communities is something we at Valley have missed over the past year. Being able to see our impact firsthand is something we value and look forward to more opportunities as things slowly get back to normal. When the opportunity arose for our HOLA Associate Resource Group (ARG) to participate on-site at the Table of Hope Mobile Food Pantry’s community service event, members jumped at the chance.


“The day of our event it was great to see the volunteers talking and laughing with the families they were helping,” says Steve Vitale, Head of New Jersey and Pennsylvania Middle Market and Business Banking and founding HOLA member. “Table of Hope and our volunteers created a safe space were all were welcome—regardless of whether you were there to volunteer or get food for your family everyone was united that day.”


Feeding Those in Need

The Table of Hope Mobile Food Pantry in Morristown, New Jersey was founded by Rev. Dr. Sidney Williams, Jr. and the members of Bethel Church. They run a weekly grocery distribution service to 2,000 families and serve meals five nights a week to anyone in need of a warm meal. Table of Hope serves homeless individuals, single-family households and senior residents.


Helping our Communities in Person

HOLA members were excited to participate in helping their community. The four-hour outdoor event was attended by 30 Valley volunteers and served over 250 families, providing them with nutritious groceries including dairy products, fruits and vegetables, fresh baked breads and eggs. Valley’s Commercial Lending team also donated a much-needed refrigerator to the Pantry.


Continuing to support our communities

As we head toward more normal times, Valley is excited to safely continue serving our communities in person. Taking part in the Table of Hope Mobile Food Pantry was a reminder of just how much our team can make a difference. “Table of Hope brings together people from all backgrounds for a common good,” says Vitale. “Helping people in this COVID world is a worthy mission that unites people from different backgrounds who might not always see eye to eye in other circumstances.”


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