4 easy ways to help small business during the coronavirus pandemic

Library | 4/2/2020

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Over the past week of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have experienced the realization that the way we live our typical lives is coming to an abrupt, albeit temporary, halt, with no specific end in sight. As we mentally catalog the things we can no longer do, it’s easy to feel panicked: no more date nights at favorite neighborhood restaurants, no more movies at local cinemas, no more boutique shopping, no more CrossFit or yoga studios, and the list goes on.


On the reverse side of these realizations sit many small businesses, their owners and groups of dedicated employees, forced to cease normal operations. They too are having realizations – many are feeling the harsh reality that business operations as they know it may no longer sustain them through this unprecedented epidemic. The small businesses we love, that add to the heart and soul of our communities, are in potential jeopardy. 


As ominous as the coronavirus crisis may seem, there are things we can do to help our beloved local businesses stay afloat in this time of uncertainty:


Buy gift certificates

The coronavirus isn’t stopping anniversaries, birthdays and other momentous days from occurring. Since spending a day at the mall looking for the perfect gift isn’t an option, consider buying a gift certificate from a small business.


Order take out for dinner 

As long as your state is still recommending this as a safe option, there is a solution that can benefit you as well as local restaurants. Ordering takeout from your favorite local pizzeria or restaurant is a great excuse to get a break from home-cooking while supporting your community. Many restaurants and delivery services are offering delivery options that minimize any contact.


Order local online

Many of us are turning to major online retailers to deliver essentials to our doorsteps as part of our social distancing efforts. While you’re placing your online orders, don’t forget that many local, small retailers also have ecommerce capabilities on their websites. Order local to obtain the supplies you need while helping business owners who are part of the fiber of your community.


Take advantage of discounts

As small businesses clamber to navigate through this unexpected turn in business, many are offering deep discounts to keep business flowing. Taking advantage of these discounts is another win-win for consumers and small businesses alike.

At Valley Bank, we work side-by-side with many of the local businesses that make our communities so special. Help us in our commitment to small businesses by practicing the actions above. Your small deed may make a big difference to the small businesses that shape the communities in which we live.

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