Joining the fight against COVID-19

Library | 1/20/2021

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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, our communities have faced many challenges, but we’ve also seen the members of our communities come together to help their neighbors, friends and fellow business owners. One company in particular that has been hard at work during this pandemic, is Clinical Site Partners (CSP).


CSP is a Phase I-IV multi-specialty research site network in Florida. Over the past 11 years, the company has evolved from rendering consulting services to now conducting trials in a variety of therapeutic treatments including first time in human trials. CSP specializes in fields like respiratory research, sleep medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine and, over the past year, the company has been the leading research site in the world on COVID-19 prevention and treatment trials.


Clinical PartnersDelivering Hope to Our Communities

CSP is playing a significant role in the fight against COVID-19. The team has been working tirelessly to make the vaccine available to the public and help us make the return back to normalcy. Valley is proud to be the banking partner of an organization making such an impact in our world. “It's because of Valley that we've even been able to conduct the existing COVID-19 trials we’re doing,” says Founder and CEO, Ana T. Marquez. “Having to fund hundreds of thousands of dollars of expenses up front is NOT something most small business can do without the assistance of a bank like Valley.”


The company is driven by delivering hope to patients. “It’s rewarding to see a product we’ve researched come to the market and offer patients with new treatment options,” says Marquez. “I believe we bring hope to patients who may not have had success with other treatments.” The work CSP does makes a big impact in the community. Not only has the company created jobs, but they’ve treated thousands of patients over the course of 11 years.



Relationship Banking

CSP values their banking relationship with Valley to see through their mission of helping others. “Banking with Valley has made things much more efficient,” says Marquez. “Rather than us having to run to the bank, Valley sends a courier to our office to pick up deposits.”


Marquez attributes her successful banking relationship to her personal Banker. “When you have that very personal relationship with a Valley Banker, you begin to feel like you are talking to a friend versus a banker,” says Marquez.


Her Banker, Dan Smith, feels the same way “The work Ana and Clinical Site Partners are doing is truly amazing—especially now. She’s not just a customer, she’s a friend, and I’m incredibly proud of the work she’s doing.”  


Fun fact:  Clinical Site Partners complies the data that contributes to the side effects labels on medications—the fine print on a bottle of pills comes from the data they compile!


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