5 Questions with Angelie Spurling

Library | 10/28/2020
angelie 5 questions

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Valley’s Women in Business program is proud to celebrate Women in Small Business Month every October. This month Valley’s Women in Business Program Director, Dorothy Kahlau sat down with some women at Valley to hear their inspirations and advice.


Dorothy recently asked Angelie Spurling, a Business Banker at Valley, a few questions.


Dorothy Kahlau: What inspires you in your career?

Angelie Spurling: Several things inspire me and they change based on my current environment. I would say that currently I’m inspired when I master a challenge or overcome a difficult situation easily. It inspires me to take on another challenge which, in turn, helps me grow as a person.

DK: What excites you about small businesses?

AS: The ability to help a person or a group or family reach the American dream of business ownership.

DK: What are some strategies you’ve learned that can help women achieve a more prominent role in their organizations?

AS: Slow down to speed up; think before you speak – take 48 hours to respond if necessary; don’t take unwelcome comments personally; use criticism as a way to learn and grow; take advantage of any education opportunities offered to you; stay calm and learn to ignore the word “RELAX.”

DK: Of course we have to ask some fun questions—what song always puts you in a good mood?

AS: I don’t necessarily have one specific song, but currently Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles puts me in a good mood.

DK: What’s your favorite dessert?

AS: Yellow cake with chocolate frosting cupcakes from Magnolia bakery in NYC!


Valley's Women in Business Program

Valley's Women in Business Program

Valley's Women in Business program connects and empowers professional women. From entrepreneurs, to executives; we provide networking and educational opportunities that enrich the professional lives of women at every stage of their career.

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