Innovation at Valley


Innovation is woven throughout the culture at Valley. It’s driven by identifying and solving for the right opportunities and creating unique user- centered solutions. We leverage innovation to help us listen to our customers and communities in order to improve the customer experience.




Our Goals and Focus


Inspiring Innovation

We believe that it doesn’t take a grand gesture to reinvent the entire industry but small, incremental improvements throughout the entire organization. Valley offers our associates tools to help them think differently like courses in design thinking. We then give them the opportunity to take the information they’ve acquired and apply it to problems, turning design thinkers into “design doers.”


Enhancing the Customer Experience​

Against the backdrop of a global health pandemic, a near-zero interest rate environment and general economic uncertainty, we maintained a focus on responsible and sustainable growth. As we move forward, sustainable growth will require a relentless focus on improving the customer experience, leveraging Valley’s brand strength and a commitment to share our success with the communities we serve. 



Our Innovation Partners:


Community Stories

Community Stories

See how Valley has made an impact on our communities by improving quality of life and economic empowerment.

Building for Innovation: How banks are embracing CRETech

Building for Innovation: How banks are embracing CRETech

Join Valley Bank’s Chief Operating Officer for a panel discussion on how Valley—a national commercial banking leader—is embracing this revolution and partnering with CRETech companies to deliver a fast, seamless experience for its commercial real estate customers.


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