22 years of mortgage lending experience has taught me the value of providing great customer service.  

As a Condominium and New Construction Lending Specialist, I am a preferred lender on both sides of the Hudson River and at the Jersey Shore. Whether you are buying existing construction, from a builder or looking to self-finance your construction, I can assist you. Ask me about our Builder’s Advantage Program!

Also ask me about the "Unison Homebuyer Program. *" Unison is a company invests alongside home buyers and may contribute more than half of the down payment on a home purchase. If you have at least 5% for your down payment, Unison may be able to get you to 20% down. This is a home ownership investment by Unison - not a loan, so there are no additional monthly payments to Unison and there is no interest. Also, because the buyer is able to put 20% down, there is no mortgage insurance. Instead, Unison hopes to earn a return on its investment from a portion of the appreciation when the homeowner sells at a profit.

As a Veteran I welcome the opportunity to serve Veterans and provide them with the best loan options to include VA loans!

*Valley National Bank and Unison are not affiliated entities. A Unison representative will guide you through Unison’s independent application process. After checking the property for eligibility and introducing the applicant for consideration, Valley steps out of the Unison process for evaluating and underwriting the Unison investment. You should carefully review the Unison Homebuyer program with your legal, tax and financial advisors.  The homeowner must contribute a down payment of 5% to 15%. Unison’s percentage share of the change in value depends on the amount of its investment.  The homeowner retains all the equity built through monthly mortgage payments. A transaction fee equal to 2.5% of Unison’s investment must be paid at closing. Additional terms and conditions apply.

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