What is Cannabis Banking?

Your cannabis business is growing, and you need the support of a bank that can grow with you. Our Cannabis-related Business (CRB) banking program is designed to give you access to banking solutions that will help you effectively grow and manage your business.



What cannabis-related businesses do we serve?


   Cannabis dispensaries




   Testing labs


   Armored car services




   CBD/Hemp Businesses



Why choose Valley?




Nationally chartered bank

As your business grows, we can grow with you, making doing business in multiple states easy and convenient.



A seamless, integrated platform

By partnering with Green Check Verified, you’ll be able to enjoy a seamless, integrated platform for deposit transaction monitoring and movement of funds.



Secure cash transport service

We arrange transportation of cash on behalf of our clients who contract directly with our preferred cash transport service partner.



Online and Mobile Banking

Check your account and transaction details, view check images, verify deposits and transfers, and more from anywhere.



Treasury Solutions

Our treasury solutions are designed to help you increase productivity, optimize cashflow, and drive profitability.



Dedicated CRB Banking Team

Our banking experts understand your business needs and will always be available to help you achieve your financial goals.





  • Can banks work with cannabis-related businesses?

    Generally, many banks do not serve the needs of businesses that sell cannabis-related products and services. At Valley, we believe every business should have the opportunity to take advantage of banking services to support their business. That’s why we’ve evaluated the risks and have opened the door to having conversations with cannabis-related businesses about helping them with their banking needs. We have already established banking relationships with several large cannabis-related businesses, and our CRB banking experts are continually meeting with cannabis-related business owners across the country. Be sure to contact us to discuss the banking needs of your cannabis-related business.

  • Does Valley work with cannabis-related businesses across state lines?

    As more and more states open the doors for cannabis-related businesses, we know that many will serve customers across multiple states. As a national chartered bank, Valley will be able to grow with your business across state borders, serving your banking needs wherever they’re needed, while remaining compliant with state laws.

  • Can CBD businesses open a bank account?

    We will consider opening a deposit product to a CBD or hemp business. Be sure to talk with one of our CRB Banking experts to learn what accounts might be right for your business.

  • Does Valley finance cannabis businesses?
    Currently, it is still highly risky for banks to finance a cannabis business. However, Valley is willing to discuss financing options with cannabis-related business owners, including helping with commercial real estate loans. 
  • What is the SAFE Banking Act?

    The SAFE Banking Act, which passed the U.S. House of Representatives in May 2020, opens up the opportunity for banks to serve cannabis-related business. The Act specifically prohibits federal banking regulators from penalizing banks who service the needs of cannabis-related business. The bill is yet to be passed by the U.S. Senate. 


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