In using the ACH Network, an Originator is bound by the NACHA Rules. Please visit for options to access the Rules. The Basic User provides limited online access to the basic NACHA Operating Rules in read-only format and is free of charge. While the Premium User requires a fee, there is broader online access, with the ability to purchase the Rules book directly from NACHA.

  • 2017 NACHA Rules

    Effective 9/29/17, Valley National Bank, as an Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI), is required to register with NACHA its Third-Party Senders and any Nested Third-Party Senders.

    The Registration process will provide NACHA with an improved scope of the population of Third Party Senders. The quality of the ACH Network can be enhanced with a Registration process that provides consistent customer due diligence among the ODFIs.

    Initial basic information that is furnished includes: corporate name, principal business location, routing number, and company identification number. If NACHA seeks additional information, we are required to comply with the request.

    When NACHA believes that a Third-Party Sender (or Nester) poses an escalated risk, additional information may be required and requested from the bank. NACHA would request such information when they believe there is a risk of:

    • Financial loss to one or more Participating DFI’s, Receivers, or Originators
    • Violation of the Rules or applicable laws
    • Excessive Returns
  • 2020 ACH Holiday Schedule