What is an SBA 504 Loan?

Consider an SBA 504 Loan if you are looking to purchase owner-occupied real estate, build a new location, or purchase equipment. We offer financing for projects totaling up to $15 million dollars with low, long term, fixed rates.


SBA 504 Standard Loans

5.19% APR

25 – Year Term, Fixed Rate





Why choose SBA 504 Loans?




Long Term Fixed Rates



Lower Down Payments



Financed Closing Costs




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John Cabula
Business Development Officer
P: 813-539-2460
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    John graduated from The University of Tampa’s Sykes College of Business with a BS in Finance. In 2014 he started his lending career arranging auto financing for over 100 dealerships in Florida and Metro NYC markets. In 2018 John transitioned into an underwriting position in an SBA division and transitioned a year later into an SBA Lending Specialist role. As a lender he assisted borrowers pre-qualify for SBA financing by quickly assessing cash flow and credit worthiness for loan structuring. In 2020, John served as an SBA Portfolio Administrator, directly managing all aspects of the Paycheck Protection Program. In 2021, John joined Valley as an SBA 504 Product Specialist. By utilizing the SBA 504 loan program, John is able to provide tailored lending solutions to business owners seeking financing to purchase commercial real estate and long-term machinery/equipment.
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