How are we embracing PropTech?


The commercial real estate industry is engaged in a technology revolution that’s improving operations, streamlining processes and creating a better experience for tenants. 


One of the industry’s most important partners, of course, are banks. 


Valley is currently exploring this space, and using some of the new technology in its own real estate, managing their properties as it would do bank accounts, optimizing, tracking its efficiencies and making quick and simple changes. Meet some of our technology partners. 

Proptech team sharing ideas with sticky notes to make owning, leasing, or working in a building unique, easier, and more efficient


Proptech: Better real estate customer experience through technology


Team discussing how proptech companies are part of a booming industry of real estate technology ventures.Customer Experience


Designing a better banking experience allows us to foster a customer-centric culture where relationship banking is the priority. Through our Research and Service Design team, Customer Care Center and social media channels, we listen to our customers and use their insights to enhance the customer experience, improve the way we work, remain relevant and innovative while building a scalable organization for future growth. We look for opportunities to streamline current processes for efficiency and offer services that support our evolving needs.


In 2020, we took a balanced approach to improve efficiency and leverage technology in order to glean data-driven insights, build a scalable infrastructure, improve processes, remove redundancies and create a better customer experience. Our strategy helped us build a nimble and agile organization that continues to deliver optimized services through a variety of channels that meet our customers’ needs. As we move forward, sustainable growth will require a relentless focus on improving the customer experience, leveraging Valley’s brand strength and a commitment to sharing our success with the communities we serve.

The Present and Future of Proptech
Proptech Insights

The Present and Future of Proptech

The property technology space—commonly known as proptech—is dynamic and fast-growing. But what really is the true scope of proptech?


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Our Proptech Partners




Built  transforms manual CRE lending processes into streamlined workflows that enable lenders to decrease risk and increase interest income. The large scale and cost of commercial real estate construction projects provides equal opportunity for risk to occur. By bringing the loan management process online, Built helps lenders ensure their CRE portfolio is properly managed, and helps identify—and eliminate—problems faster. 

Smart Rent


SmartRent is an enterprise smart home automation company developing software and hardware that empowers property owners, managers and homebuilders to effectively manage, protect and automate daily operations processes.  Our solution is designed to provide property managers seamless visibility and control over all their communities assets while delivering additional revenue opportunities through all-in-one home control apps for residents.



Bowery Valuation is the first tech-enabled appraisal firm that combines best-in-class appraisers with cutting-edge technology to deliver data-driven, high quality reports faster than anyone else in the industry. We are redefining the commercial appraisal space through big data, advanced technology, and extensive expertise.



Pronto Housing is the first and only off-the-shelf affordable housing compliance Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform. It ensures a higher quality of living is accessible for the more than 11 million Americans who are facing housing instability, while helping property owners meet their key financial goals. Its tech-enabled solutions, expert compliance team, and customer centric approach make affordable housing leasing and compliance faster, reducing the friction associated with manual data entry and increasing transparency for today’s asset managers and renters.”