Helping to Build the Fastest-Growing Zip Code in Florida

Helping to Build the Fastest-Growing Zip Code in Florida

If you're not from Central Florida, you may have never heard of Hamlin, but it’s certainly an exciting place to be. Within just a few years, this booming spot located in West Orange County has been transformed from uninhabited land and orange groves to a fully-developed community. And Valley National Bank helped make it happen.

It all started in 2015, when Valley customer Boyd Development Corporation informed the Bank of a complex and multifaceted lending opportunity to help build the commercial section of a large residential and commercial development in West Orange County known as Hamlin, in the Horizon West area of Orlando. Things were moving quickly now that a new exit was built on a recent extension off State Road 429, which connected Hamlin to the rest of the Orlando metro area. It was the perfect location for people looking for an affordable place to live, just a short drive away from downtown Orlando and Disney World, the area’s largest employer.

Housing was the first part of the Hamlin development. In the span of three years, development soared from three to over thirty home builders. Thisgot the attention of most major commercial developers. Wal-mart soon announced it would build a store in Hamlin to serve the burgeoning population. Next, it was announced that Publix and a large retail center would be built.

This was followed by an additional 350 units of multifamily housing, and lastly, the Hamlin town Square project, featuring a Cinépolis USA luxury theater complex would be built. The Town Center project would also have retail, restaurants, and a bank, with the goal of becoming the “town center” for the entire Horizon West region. Over time, Valley National Bank provided the financing for everything but the multi-family piece.

To enable development at this scale, you need a Bank that understands the complexity of many moving pieces at once, from building infrastructure, like mass grading, roads, water and utilities, to attracting major retail brands for commercial development. However, Valley excels at innovation, collaboration and providing flexible solutions. Our lending department, along with the help of our executive leadership team, our real estate team and our credit partners, was able to craft a completely customized lending solution to fit the needs of our client.

As a result, the thriving new community of Hamlin has been created, along with thousands of jobs to support the local economy. We’re even opening a new Valley branch in Hamlin to serve all of the new local residents and businesses. We admit, helping to build a brand new community from the ground up was not an easy endeavor; sometimes, we had to go back to the drawing board to figure out how to make it all work. But the results are absolutely groundbreaking.

Valley is proud to have played such a large part in Hamlin’s development, and we look forward to continuing to help it grow and prosper.

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