Whatever your HOA, Condo or Co-op Association
needs – we have an account for you

HOA Checking

HOA Checking

Easily manage your association's operating funds with our HOA Checking Account.

  • Online and mobile banking

  • Integration options with most accounting software

  • No monthly service charge when maintaining a $500 daily balance


HOA Money Market

HOA Money Market

Watch your HOA reserve fund grow with a competitive interest rate while still having easy access when
you need it.

  • Competitive tiered-interest-rates based on deposit amounts

  • No monthly service charge when maintaining a $2,500 average daily balance


Cash Sweep

HOA Insured
Cash Sweep (ICS)

Maximize the earning potential of your association reserve funds over $250,000 without losing FDIC insurance

  • Access multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance on money market funds

  • Valley is a local Money Market Sweep Network member

  • Earn a competitive interest rate in your funds




Earn a competitive rate of interest on your HOA reserve funds with a Certificate of Deposit Account Registry System (CDARS) CD, and get the peace of mind that comes with FDIC insurance.

  • Multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance coverage

  • You work directly with one bank - Valley



Certificate of Deposit
for HOAs

Grow your reserves safely by earning a fixed, competitive rate on your funds with an HOA CD from Valley.

  • Guaranteed interest rate

  • Terms to suit your HOA



      HOA Treasury Services  

Discover how Valley's Treasury
Services can benefit you

Looking to streamline the day-to-day operations of your homeowners association? Whether you require tools to collect cash, maintain liquidity, manage cash flow or monitor and report activity, we have a full suite of customized solutions for HOAs and property management companies.

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