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Whether you're a startup eyeing your first investment or an established tech firm navigating the complexities of post-IPO finance, our tailored banking services are designed to meet your needs. Why? Because you deserve a banking relationship that transcends traditional financial services and accelerates the growth and success of your business. With a deep-rooted history in helping tech companies flourish, we don’t just 'get' tech – we’ve live it.


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Women in Tech Banking


Early-Stage Tech Finance


We help early-stage tech companies lay a solid foundation for growth with a range of targeted solutions from specialized accounts to tailored advisory services.



Growth-Driven Financial Suite


Skyrocket your startup with our Growth-Driven Financial Suite that’s designed for post-Series A/B or Series C companies. Sustain and accelerate your expansion with our scalable credit options and capital management tools.



Corporate Tech Banking


Steadfast and strategic, our Corporate Tech Banking solutions cater to mature, enterprise-level tech companies. Navigate complex financial landscapes with bespoke financial tools including global treasury solutions, and M&A advisory services.





The dynamics of the tech industry and venture capital are intricate, so you need a partner that understands how to navigate them. The good news? That’s what we do best.




The Valley Advantage -
Nurturing Tradition, Embracing Innovation


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Globally Connected


With dedicated teams in the East coast, West coast, and in Israel, our bankers are readily available across multiple time zones – and we’re always a WhatsApp away.


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Empowering Tech Growth


Tailored packages to support tech business expansions in the U.S., including support for relocation and investors.


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Diverse Industry Partnerships


Our network spans multiple industries including commercial real estate, food & beverage, cannabis, healthcare, and more.


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Navigating Tech's Fast Lane


Adapt to the industry’s rapid-fire changes, access senior management, and act fast – all with a seasoned and dedicated partner at your side.



The right financial tools can mean the difference between a fleeting impact and a lasting one. Having served the tech industry for more than 20 years, we know this all too well. Let us protect and preserve your longevity, while you take your business to new heights.”

– Ori Kaufman Gafter, Head of International and Tech Banking



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Ori Kaufman Gafter

Head of International and Tech Banking


​Adrian Dorfman

Head of Tech Banking, West Coast


   ​​Sharon Remer

Head of Tech Banking, East Coast


   ​​Blake English

Head of Fund Banking

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