Committed to the Growth of Minority-Owned Small Businesses

We know that as a minority-owned small business, you might feel overlooked by banks. We also know that your size and current financial status don't speak for your history, your story or your positive impact on the community—yet it feels like these are the characteristics by which you’re judged as a business. 


At Valley, we understand that your business is a valued part of the community. We’re committed to helping underserved businesses like yours through development and innovation. We look at your growth potential rather than your current size in determining how we can help drive your long-term growth. 


Every small business has their plans. Let’s talk about yours. Click the link below or call Luis DeLaHoz, Director of Community Lending at 732-763-8293


We believe banking is about relationships.

As your banking partner we will:




Assess you and your business, offering our opinions and guidance about how to best move forward.



Connect you and your business to valuable resources in the not-for-profit community and a valuable business network that will help aid in your growth.



Establish and build your financial footprint with basic bank services such as checking and savings accounts and the merchant services that will allow you to efficiently accept payments from your customers.



Help you develop a credit profile that will lead to access to the capital you need to build and expand your business.


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