What is Valley Pay?


Valley Pay is a white-labeled mobile wallet service enabled by Valley-banked dispensaries and used for their customers to pay for Cannabis purchases safely and securely without having to use cash. It was created by Valley Bank to help both the dispensary and their customers have an easy, safe and secure payment option when it’s time to make a purchase.


Valley Bank has been committed to empowering our customers, employees and the communities we serve since 1927. By communicating with transparency and respect, focusing on relationships rather than transactions and taking the time to learn about your immediate needs and long-term goals is our underlying philosophy and drives our efforts each day. We don’t just talk about our values — we put them into action by listening to our customers, training our employees to be leaders and working to have a positive impact on our local community.


Valley continues to grow and strengthen our regional commitment to both businesses and consumers by empowering communities to achieve financial success.

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What is Valley Pay?



Valley Pay FAQs   

  • What is the Valley Pay digital wallet?

    Valley Pay is a white-labeled secure digital wallet service offered to dispensaries who bank with Valley. As a nationally chartered financial institution and fully regulated by the Federal Reserve, Valley has developed a set of secure services for dispensaries looking to provide a simpler and more secure payment experience for their customers.

  • Who can sign up for the Valley Pay digital wallet?

    Any US-based customers can join via participating dispensaries which operate within States that have legalized cannabis for either medical or recreational use, subject to Valley’s approval. Any non-legalized States will not be supported. 

  • How do I load funds onto my Valley Pay digital wallet?

    At this time, the digital wallet can only be loaded by transferring funds from an active bank account in your name. During the signup process, you will be asked to link an account by entering your online banking credentials for that bank, and then entering the amount that you wish to load. This same bank account can then be used to add funds to the digital wallet via the wallet app. 

  • Will I automatically be approved for the Valley Pay digital wallet?

    During signup, a series of verification checks will be performed against the personal information that you provided. If those verification checks pass, then the application for the digital wallet will be approved. If the verification checks fail, then the application will be declined. 

  • What happens once I’m approved for the Valley Pay digital wallet?

    At the end of the signup process, if your application is approved, a shortcut to the digital wallet application will be installed onto your smartphone. You will also be sent an email containing the link to the digital wallet. Simply use this link to access the digital wallet, and sign in using the email address and password that you used during signup. 

  • Ok, I’m signed in. What can I do with the Valley Pay digital wallet?

    After signing into the digital wallet, the following functions are available. 

    • Make a purchase in store (using a QR code displayed on the home screen) 

    • See the current balance of your digital wallet 

    • Add funds to the digital wallet from the bank account linked during signup 

    • View transaction history 

    • View account settings (these cannot be changed at this time) 

    • Contact your dispensary (with any questions, or issues) 

  • Will my funds be available straight away?

    When you add funds to your wallet during signup or in the wallet app, you will have the option for Standard or Immediate funding. By selecting ‘Immediate Funding’ your funds will be available as soon as the transaction is complete (service fee applies). If you select ‘Standard Funding’ then your funds will be available within 2-3 business days and will show as “Pending” on your wallet dashboard until the transaction has cleared at your bank. 

Valley CRB Services


Valley CRB Services


Valley Bank is committed to Cannabis banking and supporting the community by helping dispensaries more safely and easily run their business. Having a bank by your side that can grow with you means you have a trusted partner during each step of the way.


Valley’s Cannabis-related Business (CRB) banking program is designed to give you access to banking solutions that will help you effectively grow and manage your business.


We serve the following cannabis-related businesses:

  • Cannabis dispensaries

  • Cultivators

  • Testing labs

  • Armored car services

  • Wholesalers

  • CBD/Hemp Businesses


Valley Bank Products & Services   

Valley Bank Products & Services


Valley Bank offers a wide selection of banking products and services to help you better manage your finances and goals.


Check out our personal banking solutions to find the best checking or savings account for your needs.

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Your Privacy is Important to Us:   

Your Privacy is Important to Us:

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