Artworks of Ambition is a special art exhibit that reflects our drive and dedication to fostering relationships and nurturing growth. The art showcased in this exhibit aims to inspire ourselves and the communities we serve to focus blank canvas ambitions into masterpiece legacies of our own making.


"Harmony in Progress" by Mark T. Smith


This piece depicts how Valley invests in every ambition: by nurturing relationships, navigating complexity, and personally committing to growth. From this focal point unfurls a monumental tree. Its roots symbolize our proud community heritage. Its leaves blooming upwards towards the sky swirling with opportunities.
Listen to Mark talk about what inspired his art



Strength of relationships


The focal point of the mural’s composition is a large hand floating over an urban landscape.


The hand is a metaphor for relationships. There’s also a seed on the palm of the hand, which is radiating out a creative energy into the larger composition. The hand is supported by a ring and pillars, meant to mimic an element of floating classical architecture. This represents solidity and structure.

Listen to Mark talk about the importance of building strong customer relationships



Where can you view Harmony in Progress


Harmony of Progress is currently on digital display in the Lobby of Valley Bank’s corporate headquarters in Morristown, New Jersey. Viewing of the digital version of the painting is open to the public.


About Mark T. Smith


Born in Wilmington, Delaware Smith moved to New York City in the mid-eighties to study at Pratt Institute – Brooklyn. While living in New York City, Smith made his living as an iconoclastic artist known for his paintings, animations, and design work. Corporate patronage helped Smith become an increasingly recognizable figure in the crowded New York City art world, and his patrons included the likes of MTV, Pepsi, AT&T, Budweiser, VH-1, Walt Disney Co, and many more. The distinctiveness of Smith’s work culminated in the national Absolut Vodka campaign in 1996, entitled “Absolut Smith”. His artwork has been displayed in the U.S. and abroad, including at all major contemporary art fairs. The works have been seen in major motion pictures and in global campaigns such as the poster design commissioned by the United States Olympic Team for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and his work can be seen in Taco Bell retail locations internationally. When Smith is not active in the studio, he likes to indulge his interests in vintage automobiles, motorcycles, and senseless adventures.

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About Valley Bank


Since 1927, Valley Bank has been investing in client ambitions that power goals and secure legacies. We’re a commercial bank built for growth—with $62 billion in assets, 3,800 experts and more than 200 consumer branches and commercial banking offices in communities across the US. Behind every client success story there's an ambition worth pursuing. Whether personal, business or both, we’re fully committed to helping clients of every size boldly invest, grow and protect their dreams.

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